Laser-Grader® Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of precise finish compact motor graders. Laser-Grader® Manufacturing was founded in 2003 and has grown by delivering unique grading solutions to the global marketplace.

Laser-Grader® Manufacturing is focused on providing unmatched precision to the construction market, directly resulting in increased productivity and profitability. The concept of “Laser-Grading” will reduce prep time, labor, and materials on fine grading jobs. The Laser-Grader®, equipped with a Trimble® Grade Control Package and one operator, can eliminate the use of stakes, grade rods, and the continuous checking of the finished grade.

When you consider the drastic improvements on material yields, the elimination of continuous grade checking and staking, and the increase in total accurate fine grading time, it won’t take long for the Laser-Grader® to pay for itself.

Today’s construction standards call for close tolerances, and designers expect the tolerances to be achieved with a laser-guided system. Technology for precise grading is now available and affordable, and as a result, laser controlled grading is become a requirement in sub-surface preparation.

If accuracy is a requirement in your line of work, the Laser-Grader®, equipped with a Trimble® Grade Control Package, has no equal.


In 1976 the Mini-Grader© was first designed and built by Leo Paradis. Over the next few years it had many engineering and mechanical improvements.

The Laser-Grader ® was first used in New England and later expanded throughout the U.S.A. and Canada to laser-grade tennis courts, ice rinks, athletic fields, and floors for commercial and industrial buildings. As the Laser-Grader® expanded to various construction sites and more people became familiar with machine, there was increasing pressure to put this machine into production . In 1987, Precision Mfg. was incorporated with Leo Paradis, president, and the first sale of a Laser-Grader ® took place.

In October 2003, P Ronci Machine Company, a family owned business who has been manufacturing production machinery since 1937, acquired Precision Manufacturing and began producing the Laser-Grader. Today, Laser-Grader® Manufacturing has presence in over 15 countries worldwide and is excited about the days to come.

June - August 2010 Laser-Grader

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